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Healing Warriors

Veterans helping veterans

Healing Warriors is a non-profit Christian organization that provides dignity to veterans in need. In addition to providing food, clothing and assistance for lapsed medical costs, Healing Warriors coordinates those who can provide health care or mental health assistance with veterans in need. Healing Warriors prioritizes our homeless Veterans and won’t rest until veteran homelessness is eradicated.

We spread hope one veteran at a time.

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A Day

22 veterans commit suicide a day

Coming home the battle has just begun

Up to 10% of veterans struggle with substance abuse

Of the veterans who struggle with substance abuse, up to 25% of them received no treatment. Volunteers with Healing Warriors help veterans with transportation to the care that they need.

Up to 20% of veterans suffer with PTSD

The Veteran’s Administration reports PSTD affects up to 20% of Veterans who use the VA healthcare system. Helping warriors heal begins with the small acts of kindness that the Healing Warriors organization sets out to provide.

Up to 20% of veterans quietly battle hunger

Veterans of all ages and their families battle hunger and proper nutrition. Healing Warriors connects veterans to sources and programs that will set them on the path to better health.

Our Mobil food pantry has fed over 5,880 veterans in 2023

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